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With this handy 40-page guide you can assess a home's sales appeal through the critical eyes of a buyer, whether you're a real estate agent, investor, or homeowner. The Guide's convenient checklist format allows you to go through your home step by step from the curb to the back fence.

Sky Moon—Paperback and Kindle

This is a story of one woman's struggle to come to terms with the sudden deaths of her parents and siblings and to find out what really happened. Christina Markham thinks aliens have killed them and are after her, aliens who intend to take over the world. Even though she is confined to a sanitarium, she is determined to find a way to stop them. She thinks she has met journalist John Davis in a previous life and writes him an unbelievably crazy letter which she hopes will convince him to help her escape the sanitarium and help her save the world.

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A humorous and adventurous tale  of a girl, Laura Lapin, who is obsessed with rabbits. Everything about her life is rabbits. The bedroom walls are covered in rabbit wallpaper, she has rabbit dishes, her bed is covered with stuffed toy rabbits. More than anything, she wants to be a rabbit and live with rabbits. She thinks it would be so much fun! She could play with real rabbits all day long. She gets her chance one day when she takes a walk in the forest with her parents, and she runs off to join a burrow of rabbits. Weird events full of trouble ensue, making Laura wonder if being a rabbit is better than being a girl.

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Colin and Jeff find a crusty old bottle in the sea. When they open it and find a letter and a treasure map from 1732, they are magically transported back to that year. Follow their adventures as they try to find the most trustworthy pirate captain they can to help find the pirate Longbeard, stranded on Ghost Island along with his treasure.


The humorous adventures of Artie the cat. He wanders from home one day to explore the fields near his home. He winds up at a cafe parking lot and jumps in the window of a car. He finds a half-eaten tuna sandwich, finishes it and takes a nap. When he wakes up, he's in Hollywood! People change his appearance and make him a star, but Artie doesn't like it. He just wants to go home where his girl, Lindsey, says "you're purrr-fect just the way you are." He finds his way home only to find out the family is broke and losing their farm. He realizes he must go back to Hollywood to help them.