Hello, Readers!

C.C. Vaughan                          sky moon create space cover 4

Although I’ve written many children’s books, Sky Moon is my first grown-up novel. I have also begun a seqeual to it. Over the next few days or weeks I’ll be uploading chapters of Sky Moon for you to read.

About Sky Moon:

This is a story of one woman’s struggle to come to terms with the sudden deaths of her parents and siblings and to find out what really happened. Christina Markham thinks aliens have killed them and are after her, aliens who intend to take over the world. Even though she is confined to a sanitarium, she is determined to find a way to stop them. She thinks she met journalist John Davis in a previous life and writes him an unbelievably crazy letter which she hopes will convince him to help her escape the sanitarium and help her save the world.

Davis is almost certain she is insane, but is interested in her story. He wants to write a screenplay, so he goes to the sanitarium to visit her. First mistake, because she is attractive and charming, and also very wealthy. Second mistake, he helps her escape and becomes enmeshed in a mire of more mistakes, causing him to lose his job and any hope of future employment.

One reader referred to this book as a little “campy.” It is serious but also humorous. Conspiracy theories, alien abductions, UFO sightings are all called into question as John attempts to sway her from what he thinks are her alien delusions. But are they delusions?